Wheat free cake, cookie and muffin recipes

How many people that are on a wheat free diet miss cakes, cookies and muffins? Whilst the supermarkets have tried to cater for this missing treat for anyone suffering with a wheat allergy or coeliac disease, the cakes tend to be over sweet, sickly and expensive, especially if you have to pack up lunchboxes for wheat or gluten free children (or adults).

The wheat free cake recipes listed on this page have all been successfully tested time and time again, they've been sold at village fetes, taken on picnics, hauled up mountains and packed in lunchboxes on a regular basis.

Going out on a long walk or cycle ride? then why not take some of our banana bread wrapped in slices for easy snacking. It's full of slow release energy, absolutely ideal for keeping your energy levels up and pounding out the miles. And don't forget, bananas contain potassium, a vital mineral in helping to avoid cramp.


Unfortunately for those suffering from celiac disease not all of our recipes are gluten free as we utilise oats, barley and rye in our recipes. However some of these recipes can be adapted with care and experience using gluten free flours, the taste may however be slightly different in some of the resulting recipes.