Wheat free bread recipes

The one thing that most people with either a wheat allergy or celiac disease tell us they miss the most is bread. For people that used to be able to eat ordinary bread before diagnosis they really do know what they are missing. So far nothing we have tried has really come close to the taste and texture of real wheat bread, but we're always on the lookout.

There are some reasonably good gluten free breads available. But there's always room for improvement, and finding wheat or gluten free bread that doesn't need cooking before you can eat it still appears to be the holy grail of baking. Especially as there are those rice bread bricks on sale even today.

If you have any tasty, easy to make bread recipes and would like to share them with us, then we're sure that the users of this site would be really grateful to give them a try too.


Unfortunately for those suffering from coeliac disease not all of our recipes are gluten free as we utilise oats, barley and rye in our recipes. However some of these recipes can be adapted with care and experience using gluten free flours, the taste may however be slightly different in some of the resulting recipes.