Wheat-Free.org... all the taste without the wheat

Are you suffering every time you eat wheat? Are you just starting out on a wheat free or gluten free path and finding it confusing or scary? When I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy in 1999 I really thought that it sucked big time. After all, I do enjoy food—all types of food. I thought no more eating out, no more fast food, no more KitKats or Twix bars, and a lifetime of boring, bland meals.

BUT IT'S NOT TRUE! Nearly everything can be made without wheat or gluten nowadays—still waiting on a Twix though. There's a fantastic array of ready-made foods or recipes all designed to taste great.

So if you have a wheat allergy, wheat or gluten intolerance, or celiac disease then this site is for you. My aim is to provide answers to you for living a normal, and tasty, wheat free or gluten free lifestyle—without the pain of missing out on tasty treats and good eating.

All the recipes are marked with allergy information: wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, sugar free, vegetarian, or vegan, to help you quickly identify a suitable recipe for your dietary needs, but usually with a little ingenuity and practice you can adapt any recipe. Although all the recipes are wheat free some do use gluten free oats; the naturally present avenin in oats isn't suitable for some people with celiac disease.