Wheat free dessert recipes

Wheat free or gluten free desserts are often forbidden fruit in a restaurant—unless sticking with traditional fruit salad while everyone else gets the more decadent desserts. But at home or a dinner party it need not be the same, with a bit of effort and imagination wheat free desserts can be served up that will appease everyone at the dinner table.

My current favourites are New York style cheesecake, or Chocolate Torte Royale with a big scoop of organic vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmm... lovely.


Unfortunately if you suffer from celiac disease not all of the recipes on this site are gluten free—some may contain barley or rye, but they are all wheat free. Also not all celiacs can tolerate gluten free oats due to the avenin they contain (see FAQ - Are oats safe to eat on a wheat or gluten free diet?). However, some of these recipes can be adapted with care and experience using alternative gluten free flours although the taste may be slightly different in some of the resulting recipes.