Wheat & gluten free sport supplements & snack bars

The energy/sport supplement & snack bar market seems to have exploded in recent years, every year sees more new products arriving on the market promising to make you exercise harder, faster, longer etc.

A lot of commercial energy supplements and snack bars contain a bewildering list of ingredients, additives, chemicals, vitamins, and minerals. For the recreational athlete, without the benefit of a nutritionally educated personal trainer or coach, it can be quite a challenge to figure out what might be wheat allergy/celiac disease friendly.

Thankfully many manufacturers help by clearly marking if an item is wheat free or gluten free, though watch out for the sneaky small print that says 'it may contain...' or 'made in a facility that processes wheat/gluten' as these indicate you might not want to take that chance. There is always a place for healthy commercially produced energy bars and snack bars, but it's also possible to make your own.

Here are a few recipes for energy snacks with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and oats—always use certified gluten free oats.