Wheat & gluten free sport supplements & snack bars

The energy/sport supplement & snack bar market seems to have exploded in recent years, every year sees more new products arriving on the market promising to make you exercise harder, faster, longer etc etc.

A lot of commercial energy supplements and snack bars contain a bewildering list of ingredients, additives, chemicals, vitamins and minerals. And for the recreational athlete, without the benefits of a personal trainer or coach, it can be quite a challenge to sort out whether it really is safe to use if you are suffering from a food allergy.

Many manufacturers now clearly mark the packaging if an item is wheat free or gluten free, which is a great help. And we think there is always a place for healthy commercially produced energy bars and snack bars, but it's also possible to make your own, or to packup a nutritious bag of homemade trail mix.

We have some recipes to make your own energy snacks with nuts, seeds, dried fruits and oats. Anywhere we use regular oats you can substitute gluten free oats to make them celiac friendly.