Conversion charts for recipes on

oven temperatures




120°C 250°F ½
140°C 275°F 1
150°C 300°F 2
170°C 325°F 3
180°C 350°F 4
190°C 375°F 5
200°C 400°F 6
220°C 425°F 7
230°C 450°F 8
240°C 475°F 9

There is no easy direct conversion from metric to cups; generally converted measurements will end up including odd tablespoons on top of the cup amount. So to have the most flexibility for making recipes I'd encourage you to purchase a metric scale if the recipe hasn't been converted to cups.

If your kitchen has both methods of measuring then it makes it easier to follow the recipes as written.

A rough guideline for wheat free/gluten free flour weights in metric is:


1 cup (unpacked)
weight in grams

Almond flour 115g
Amaranth flour 120g
Arrowroot flour 130g
Black bean flour 140g
Blue cornmeal 120g
Brown rice flour 160g
Buckwheat flour 120g
Coconut flour 115g
Corn flour 140g
Cornstarch (aka cornflour in Europe) 140g
Fava bean flour 130g
Garbanzo bean flour 125g
Garfava flour 120g
Gluten free flour 160g
Green pea flour (1 1/2 tbsp) 15g
Hazelnut flour 110g
Millet flour 120g
Oat flour 120g
Oat flour (gluten free) 120g
Potato flour 185g
Potato starch 185g
Quinoa flour 110g
Sorghum flour 125g
Rye flour (light) 100g
Rye flour (dark) 120g
Soy/soya flour 110g
Sweet white rice flour 160g
Romano bean flour 150g
Tapioca starch/flour 125g
White rice flour 160g








10g ½oz 30ml 1fl oz 2 tbsp
20g ¾oz 60ml 2fl oz ¼ cup
25g 1oz 80ml 3fl oz 1/3 cup
40g 1½oz 125ml 4fl oz ½ cup
50g 2oz 160ml 5fl oz 2/3 cup
60g 2½oz 185ml 6fl oz ¾ cup
75g 3oz 250ml 8fl oz 1 cup
110g 4oz 275ml 10fl oz
125g 4½oz 570ml 1 pint
150g 5oz 725ml 1¼ pint
175g 6oz 1 litre 1¾ pint
200g 7oz 1.2 litre 2 pint
225g 8oz
250g 9oz
275g 10oz
350g 12oz
450g 16oz (1 lb)




1ml ¼ teaspoon
2ml ½ teaspoon
5ml 1 teaspoon
15ml 1 tablespoon
60ml 1/4 cup
80ml 1/3 cup
125ml 1/2 cup
250ml 1 cup