Wheat-Free.org information centre

Our information centre provides some useful information and resources for living the wheat & gluten free way, including alternative flours, where to buy gluten free chocolate, gluten free beers and who makes them, plus many more useful bits of info to help you avoid wheat and gluten.


Gluten free beers, who makes them, and where to buy them


Gluten free chocolate, sweets and confectionary


All you need to know about wheat free and gluten free flours

Alternative names for wheat

Wheat disguises itself with alternative names in foods, drinks & beauty products, here's a list of some names to avoid


Questions and answers on wheat & gluten free living, ingredients, beers and much more

Food fact file

Fact files on various wheat & gluten free foods


The A-Z of gluten containing or gluten safe foods & ingredients

Gluten Codex Alimentarius

What is the Gluten Codex Alimentarius?

Safety in the kitchen

Wheat allergy & celiac disease friendly kitchen hygiene

Conversion charts

Temperatures, flour weights, quantities (grams, millilitres, cups, ounces) etc

Eating out

Tips for a safer dining experience outside the home


How do I find safe wheat allergy or celiac friendly foods when I'm out shopping?

Celiac societies

Useful links to celiac societies around the World


Gluten free magazines, hard copy and/or digital editions


Just how did wheat-free.org start? Read this and find out


What people say about wheat-free.org and how it has helped them

Reviews archive

Archived wheat & gluten free product reviews