Wheat free/gluten free magazines

Like to leaf through the pages of a physical magazine? Or prefer to go digital? Magazines can often give you that ah-ha! moment when you're looking for a new recipe, or for wheat allergy/celiac friendly advice. Not all of these magazines are available as a digital option, and sadly many of the old favourites are no longer in existence.

Australian Gluten-Free Life magazine
Australian Gluten-Free Life magazine

Basic website with recipes and articles.
Print subscription.

Delight Gluten Free magazineDelight Gluten Free magazine

Fairly basic website with articles and featured recipes.
Print subscription.

GFF magazine (Gluten-Free Forever)
GFF magazine

Website has recipes, product reviews, and travel info.
Digital subscription.

Gluten Free & More magazine
Living Without's Gluten Free & More magazine

Lots of information on website including recipes, resources, general info, cooking videos, lifestyle, and health.
Currently offers a free digital subscription with every print subscription.

Live Well Gluten Free magazineDelight Gluten Free magazine

Whether you're a member of Coeliac UK or not, the website has useful resources and information.
Magazine free to Coeliac UK members and can be bought by non-members www.coeliac.org.uk

And those that haven't survived but still have websites

Allergic Living magazine
Still has a useful website www.allergicliving.com

Crossed Grain magazine
Appears to be replaced by Live Well Gluten Free magazine www.coeliac.org.uk

Gluten-Free Heaven magazine
Still has a useful website www.freefromheaven.com

Gluten-Free Living magazine

Go Gluten-Free magazine
All that's left appears to be a Facebook page that's not been updated since 2016

Simply Gluten-Free magazine
Appears to now be Gluten Free & More magazine www.glutenfreeandmore.com