Gluten free magazines

Whether you like to leaf through the pages of a physical magazine, or prefer to go digital, magazines can often give you that aha! moment when you're looking for a new recipe to try, or looking for other wheat allergy or celiac friendly advice. Not all of these magazines are available as a digital option, but they each provide useful information whether you're new to wheat or gluten free, or an old hand.

Delight Gluten Free MagazineDelight Gluten Free magazine

Useful recipe guide showing which recipes are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, soy free, rice free or corn free, plenty of mountwatering photos.

A very minor point... if you're watching calories, fat, sodium etc then you might want to doublecheck nutrition information on each recipe, the Jan-Feb 2014 edition had identical nutrition stats for all the recipes in each particular section. But that small glitch aside, it has a good selection of recipes that are sure to please.

Gluten-Free Living Magazine

Appetising photos accompanying recipes that are clearly written and easy to follow. Each month there are also interesting features covering health issues, inspirational articles, and information on how to live a gluten free lifestyle safely and healthily.

Go Gluten-Free MagazineGo Gluten Free magazine

Mouthwatering photos, easy to follow recipes and lots of other features and info about going gluten free.

Read our review of their Winter 2013 edition.

Living Without's Gluten Free & More Magazine
Living Without's Gluten Free & More magazine

Each issue includes a page of substitution solutions for dairy and eggs, as well as four different gluten free flour blends that you can make up in bulk for easy use. There's also a gluten free diet quick start guide for complete newbies, which is very helpful.

A bit short on recipe photos, but does include a recipe index for quick browsing. Recipes are easy to follow, and we've not had one fail yet when following the ingredients and instructions as written. Read our review of their Winter 2013 edition. (Note: name changed from Living Without, April 2014)

Simply Gluten-Free MagazineSimply Gluten Free magazine

All the recipes come with appetising photos, which we love, seeing the finished product always makes us more likely to make it. There are also cheat sheets for simple substitutions e.g. dairy, nuts, eggs, and gluten free flour blends.

Interesting articles on health issues make this more than just a magazine of gluten free recipes. You'll want to keep dipping into these mags for all sorts of useful snippets of gluten free info.

Allergic Living Magazine

This magazine covers gluten free, food allergies and asthma. It also includes inspirational stories of people regaining their health after correct diagnosis of their problems, ask the allergists section, recipes (though not all of them are gluten free), and amazing photos to get your mouth watering.

Crossed Grain Magazine

Only produced three times a year, this magazine is free to members of Coeliac UK, or can be bought on their website for non-members. It contains recipes as well as information on managing a gluten free life.