Wheat free, gluten free, & gluten reduced beers

The German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) of 1516 stated the only ingredients that could be used in beer production were water, barley, and hops. Note that yeast is not mentioned, it didn't arrive on the scene until 300 years later.

There are two popular reasons cited for the Reinheitsgebot:

  • To prevent price competition with bakers for the more valuable wheat and rye.
  • Because once the idea of beer caught on unscrupulous brewers were adding ingredients such as tree bark, fish bladders, eggs and who knows what else to their beer.

In theory, if the Reinheitsgebot was still adhered to today, and providing the supply of barley was pure, then people with wheat allergy or intolerance could drink any barley made beer. Unfortunately this would still leave celiacs out in the (beerless) cold.

What alternatives do they use to make gluten free beer? It can be made with buckwheat, sorghum, millet, corn, quinoa, or rice amongst other things. (Note: buckwheat is a member of the rhubarb family—not related to wheat at all).

There are also beers available that have been brewed in the traditional way using barley or wheat, then using an enzymatic process the gluten is reduced to levels below the Gluten Codex of 20ppm. These are not strictly speaking 'gluten free', but instead are 'gluten reduced' so it's worth being aware there is a difference. Quite a few of the breweries listed below brew gluten reduced beers, and many have their beers tested to ensure they remain under the Gluten Codex requirements.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but it might help if you're looking to source some wheat/gluten free beer: US/UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/Other

* Where the breweries below show 'Gluten free brewery' these were dedicated gluten free breweries at the time this page was updated.

* Where the breweries below show 'Gluten free beers*' or 'Gluten reduced beers*' you should check with brewery or their website to confirm if beers are gluten free, gluten reduced, or made with wheat and gluten reduced—they are not dedicated gluten free breweries.





New Zealand:

  • Kereru Brewing: Gluten free beers*. Brewery also makes gluten containing beers
  • Scotts Brewing Co: Gluten reduced beers*. Brewery also makes gluten containing beers


  • Brunehaut Brewery: Gluten reduced beers*. Brewery also makes gluten containing beers
  • Žatecký pivovar: Gluten reduced beers*. Brewery also makes gluten containing beers

List of breweries updated: 02/22/2023