Wheat free weightloss

The wheat free advantage

It's a known fact that we are at our heaviest in the winter months, and our lightest in the summer months. However that's not a justifiable reason for eating more "to keep the cold out" on those dark winter days.

The truth is, we really do have an advantage if we don't eat wheat, why? Because we don't eat all those sticky, sugary goey cakes, we don't eat junk food, and we probably don't pig out on cookies.

While our friends might be tucking into their fast food burger, we won't be indulging, no matter how hungry we might be. There are some wonderful wheat free and gluten free foods out there, including cakes, cookies etc, but these should be treats, not everday foods. So we have the advantage of not being tempted, doesn't that make you feel better about your wheat allergy or intolerance?

Waistbands a little tight?

A lot of us find ourselves carrying a few extra jiggly bits at some point in our lives. But for most people, dieting is not something that they can achieve by themselves, they need some help. Support doesn't have to be physical either, if you can't make weekly meetings why not try online dieting. Online dieting is very popular, and can also be very successful.

Weight Watchers offer the support of their proven weightloss regime online, and who hasn't seen the "before" and "after" pictures on TV of successful dieters using their program? It's a program that helps re-educate your food choices into sensible healthy eating for the rest of your life.


There are many books promoting a wheat free weightloss diet. A top seller is Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health .

There is also a varied selection of books on our Books page, with wheat free and gluten free publications ranging from weightloss to Paleo diets, ice cream to breads, and kids to dogs.