Wheat free recipes

This website isn't really about recipes, it's more about providing useful wheat free living information. So I'm sorry, but there aren't really a whole heap of recipes, and my photos are mediocre. However, if you're looking for some great food porn then there are some fabulous websites out there providing fantastic photos and recipes—even I use them.

But that being said, do you panic when you have a wheat allergic/intolerant or celiac (coeliac) guest to dinner? Is your solution to give them a salmon fillet baked in foil everytime you cook, while everyone else gets tasty options? True story, everytime I ate at a friends house for 6 years I got baked salmon in foil, and don't actually like salmon. I could joke that I moved to Canada to escape the salmon dinners. If you can make the extra effort to accommodate your wheat allergy or celiac dinner guest they'll really appreciate it.

Some of the recipes on this site contain oats, and while certified gluten free oats should always be used, not all celiacs can tolerate the avenin contained in oats. See are oats safe on a wheat free diet for more info.