Wheat Free Recipes

Do you panic when you have a wheat allergic/intolerant or celiac (coeliac) guest coming to dinner? Is your only solution to give them a salmon fillet baked in foil everytime you cook for them? (This is a true story, everytime one of our staff ate at a friends house over a period of 6 years they were given baked salmon in foil.)

Cooking for wheat allergy or intolerance, or celiac disease, can be challenging to visualise if you don't have a problem with eating wheat or gluten, and it can sometimes seem like an impossible chore to achieve anything mildly exotic or interesting. However once a few simple adjustments are made wheat & gluten free recipes can be just as easy, and certainly as delicious as their wheat or gluten containing versions.

On our recipe pages you'll find some great wheat free recipes, however please take careful note because some contain oats, and while certified gluten free oats can be used, not all celiacs can tolerate the avenin contained in oats, see our oats FAQ for more info.


Unfortunately for those suffering from celiac disease not all of our recipes are gluten free as we use barley, rye and oats in some of them. However most of these recipes can be adapted with care using gluten free flours, the taste may also be slightly different in some of the resulting finished products.