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We hope that you will find the items on this page useful to living the wheat free/gluten free way. For example, if you love sport, suffer from wheat allergy, intolerance or celiac disease ,but want to fuel correctly during and after, what do you eat? Our food for sport page should give you a few ideas.

Wheat allergy or intolerance is not just confined to you, your pets can suffer these symptoms too. So don't forget your furry friend, check out our wheat allergies in dogs page to see if there's a food reason why your dog keeps itching and scratching.

Gluten ataxia

Some basic information on this rare, and often unheard of, disease.

Tests for wheat allergy diagnosis

Advice on wheat allergy testing.

Autism, ADHD and other developmental disorders

Research suggests there may be a link between gluten and autistic children

Wheat allergies in dogs

Does your pooch have palpitations every time he steals a cookie?


Help and support is at hand


How to survive healthily on a wheat free diet

Food for sport

What you can eat if you want to go faster for longer