Raspberry & redcurrant pavlova recipe

Taste the summertime in this incredibly easy and quick recipe

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  • Yield: serves 4

In the summertime there is an absolute glut of raspberries and redcurrants, ripe and bursting with flavour, just waiting to be picked and eaten—unless you live in Alberta, Canada it seems. After 10 years in the Rockies I've still not seen redcurrents for sale—hence no photo as the original photo was misplaced, and living in Bear country I'm not about to try to start growing them.

The flavour of these fruits in their natural season is unbeatable, they bring the summer into your mouth. So don't waste the opportunity, and don't turn them into jam. Serve them up with crunchy meringue and whipped cream for a very quick but devastatingly tasty summer dessert. Go on—what are you waiting for?


8 [8] meringue nests
250ml [250ml] whipping cream
150g [150g] fresh raspberries
100g [100g] fresh raspberries
100g [100g] fresh redcurrants
grated chocolate


  1. Puree the 150g of fresh raspberries through a sieve, discarding the seeds and pulp. Put in the fridge to chill.
  2. Whip the cream until it forms medium to firm peaks, mix half of the remaining fresh raspberries and half the redcurrants into the cream.
  3. Place a meringue nest on a dessert plate and put a layer of cream on top, sprinkle grated chocolate over the cream, place another meringue nest at an angle half on top of the cream, top with more cream and grated chocolate.
  4. Spoon a thin lake of raspberry puree around the meringues and sprinkle the remaining fresh fruit over the top.

This dessert is incredibly quick to prepare and your guests will admire not only its presentation, but also the lovely contrast in flavours between the rich cream and the sharp fresh raspberries and redcurrants.

I wouldn't recommend defrosted fruits as they won't be as firm and will make the cream slushy—go for the fresh fruit everytime.