Celiac friendly Halloween chocolate from Endangered Species

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Halloween is a time for kids to have fun... and their parents to sweat with worry over food allergy issues. While there are now Halloween packs for sale proudly emblazoned "nut free" which is absolutely great, we still need some progress on gluten free.

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The new wheat-free.org website

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The new look wheat-free.org website has been live now for 22 days. During that time we've seen a big increase in site traffic and people "liking" our recipes, food facts and Facebook posts. So we'd just like to say "thank you" for reassuring us that all the months of hard work putting together the new site have been worth the effort.

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Craft brewery making celiac friendly beers

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In November 2012 Brewery Rickoli opened its doors. Located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado (seriously, a gluten free brewery in a place called Wheat Ridge), it aimed to produce small batch brews large on flavour.

Brewmaster Rick Abitbol started Brewery Rickoli with the intention of being a gluten reduced craft brewery. He uses an enzyme in the brewing process which breaks up the gluten polypetides, resulting in a beer typically containing less than 5ppm gluten (Refer to our Gluten Codex Alimentarius page for more details on approved gluten tolerance levels).

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Gluten free doggy dental treats

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Our canine best friends are susceptible to wheat allergies just like their human buddies. With that in mind, TropiClean is launching a new range of Fresh Breath +PLUS Dental Treats, which are wheat free, gluten free, grain free and corn free.

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Camp Gluten-Free - a Celiac Disease Foundation kids camp

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Being a celiac can suck, especially when faced with parties, buffets and all manor of other food occasions where you can't eat any of it. Imagine then, just how much being a celiac kid sucks... big time x 10.

However, a few lucky celiac children just had the opportunity to attend Camp Gluten-Free in the San Bernadino Mountains, California. A whole week of fun, games, crafts, music and adventure with the best thing of all, all the food served is completely gluten free.

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FDA defines new rules for labels on gluten free foods

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Until now manufacturers of food products labelled "gluten free" have been able to use their own discretion on how much gluten a gluten free product actually contains, although the Gluten Codex Alimentarius has had a current level of 20ppm (parts per million) since 2008.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have today released a federal definition standardising the term "gluten free" across the food industry. In order to be labelled "gluten free" a food must meet the following requirements within 12 months of the regulation becoming effective:

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Dunkin' Donuts to offer gluten free donuts & muffins

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Another franchise announces their first gluten free item. Dunkin' Donuts, in the US, have a announced they will be introducing gluten free donuts and muffins in participating stores by the end of 2013.

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What am I waffling on about?

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I'm always on the lookout for alternative foods to take cycling as there are only so many sugary energy bars, gel and chews that a person can eat without severe stomach distress, and believe me I've been there, suffered that.

My husband, while able to eat wheat, is unable to eat simple sugars, so he needs to find portable, easy to digest foods that can give him the energy to get through any bike ride over 50kms. Finding wheat/gluten/sugar free energy foods is therefore a problem without resorting to home baking.

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Tim Hortons selling gluten free macaroons

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Last week Tim Hortons announced they would finally be catering to customers with wheat allergy/intolerance or celiac disease, by selling gluten free macaroons in their coffee stores across Canada.

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Dell announce wheat straw packaging boxes

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Computer manufacturer Dell have announced that they intend to incorporate wheat straw into their packaging, in an effort to achieve 100% waste-free packaging by 2020. Now before all wheat allergy sufferers throw their hands up in horror, it may not be a problem in reality.

Dell's sustainable packaging initiative aim is to ensure that 100% of their packaging is sourced from sustainable materials, including recyclable or rapidly renewable content. And to ensure that 100% of all packaging is recyclable or compostable at the end of its life. Currently the company is more than 50% towards this goal.

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Great gluten free pub grub at The Brook Inn, Washbrook

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While on a recent visit to the UK we spent some considerable time trying to locate safe gluten free eating options—an exercise that turned out to be somewhat frustrating. However, one gem, and only a few km's from where we were visiting family, popped up—The Brook Inn at Washbrook.

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Gluten free airline food: flying from Canada to the UK

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Airline food has never really been that nice. Although there are a lot of challenges in creating food to serve to an aircraft full of people, things haven't particularly improved in the nearly 30 years I've been flying.

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No more blog comments

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Why can't you make comments to these blogs any longer?

Well, thank the mindless spammers who spend hours every day posting totally incomprehensible or rubbish comments to the blog postings, in an effort to get links to nasty websites or Facebook pages totally unconnected with wheat free or gluten free living.

When we launch the new website comment posting will be back, in the meantime please accept our sincere apologies.

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Is hospital a safe place for celiacs to eat?

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If you are a celiac and go into hospital for any unscheduled/scheduled stay lasting more than a few hours, then you would expect to need to eat at some point. However, many patients have reported a disturbing lack of education over the foods that a celiac can and can't eat among hospital caterers, and even the nurses caring for them.

Because hospital catering services can differ significantly, and are based on the contract awarded to a particular caterer e.g. normally the cheapest quote wins, it means that the standards of food and catering can vary widely.

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