Tim Hortons selling gluten free macaroons

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Last week Tim Hortons announced they would finally be catering to customers with wheat allergy/intolerance or celiac disease, by selling gluten free macaroons in their coffee stores across Canada.

Tim Hortons stores will now sell certified gluten free coconut macaroons, which are also pre-wrapped to avoid cross-contamination issues.

The coconut macaroons are produced and sealed in a gluten free line factory, and have been tested by the Canadian Celiac Association Gluten-Free Certification Program.

Unfortunately the Tim Hortons website states "At participating restaurants for a limited time." Let's hope they rethink that statement and make them a permanent fixture. If you don't see them at your local Timmies then ask for them, as that's the best way to ensure their one and only gluten free food item stays available.

wheat-free.org says: We love this, finally a coffee shop that is catering for wheat allergy and celiac disease suffering customers seriously . Too often we see items labelled as "wheat free" or "gluten free", unwrapped, and nestled up to wheat/gluten containing items, or the same utensils used to serve both products. Pre-wrapped, certified, gluten free products should be in all coffee shops.