Camp Gluten-Free - a Celiac Disease Foundation kids camp

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Being a celiac can suck, especially when faced with parties, buffets and all manor of other food occasions where you can't eat any of it. Imagine then, just how much being a celiac kid sucks... big time x 10.

However, a few lucky celiac children just had the opportunity to attend Camp Gluten-Free in the San Bernadino Mountains, California. A whole week of fun, games, crafts, music and adventure with the best thing of all, all the food served is completely gluten free. For the kids attending they never have to ask if something is gluten free, because the whole point of Camp Gluten-Free is that all the food is gluten free and safe for them to eat.

Camp Gluten-Free is run by the Celiac Disease Foundation. They order the food required for the week long camp, to ensure nothing containing gluten is used.

The kitchen staff of the camp, which is rented specifically for the week and not normally gluten free, then do a massive cleaning exercise, cleaning and sanitising everything to remove any traces of gluten. Gluten containing foods are removed and stored for the duration of the camp.

Camp Gluten-Free gives kids a chance to relax, to have fun without the food worry, and more importantly... to try what their friend is eating without any danger of illness, and feel like any other kid growing up.

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