Deck the (wheat & gluten free) halls

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Ahhhhh Christmas. Holly, the tree, tinsel, decorations, roast turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, mince pies and mistletoe. Hang on, rewind that a bit, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and mince pies, hmmmmmmm now here I see a problem.

Christmas is meant to be the time of goodwill to all men (and women), a time of giving, receiving, sharing and general merriment. A time of binge eating and drinking and so much wheat in evidence you'd think you were living in a grain silo.

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Airline gluten free food... sorry did I use the word food?

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It's food in the loosest sense of the word. Having recently had to endure the culinary disasters foisted on me as gluten free meals on my flights to and from Canada, I can only think that the caterers preparing the gluten free meals have absolutely no idea of what they were doing, or don't care, or both.

For a start wheat free meals are not an option, you have to have gluten free or nothing. Which already puts my back up, and my suspicions, because some items that are gluten free have wheat in them that has had the gluten removed. So not safe for someone with a wheat allergy.

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I can't eat wheat because metal rods told me so

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Last month The Guardian did an article on Paula Radcliffe, remarking on what a high maintenance woman she was, and suggesting that she was crossing the line between normal and nutty and on the slippery slope to 'celebrity-itis'.

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Hey! keep your toast crumbs to yourself

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I'm guessing that there's no one single family where every family member has a wheat allergy. I may of course now be proved wrong, but the chances of it happening must be greater than of me winning the lottery top prize.

But indulge me if you will, and work on the premise that virtually every household that contains someone with a wheat or gluten allergy, also contains someone without any problems with wheat or gluten (unless of course it's a single occupation household).

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Manufacturers, give my dentist a break

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Have you looked at the sugar content of most wheat and gluten free products lately? Some of these products are so sweet that they make my teeth ache. What is it with manufacturers of minority group foods?

Why do they think that just because we have an allergy to wheat or gluten we'll be so desperate to eat cakes and cookies that we don't mind eating enough sugar to make Willy Wonka's chocolate factory look like a health spa.

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R.I.P. Quorn

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I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there that likes Quorn and finds it a really good alternative to use for meat free cooking. And that's what makes the recent changes to their nutrition information so irritating.

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Why hasn't anyone produced a wheat free version of Twix yet?

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If there's one chocolate bar that I do miss it's Twix. Thick rippled chocolate coating a crunchy biscuit topped with thick caramel, ummmmmm lovely. I can remember back to those days when I used to be able to eat them, too many of course as my waistline would have attested at the time, but who's counting now.

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Guilty on all counts of providing a wheat laden canteen

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Most of our dedicated readers of the wheat-free blog have probably thought that we've got bored with writing it and given up, well in actual fact our wheat-free blogger has been doing their public duty, and serving on Jury Service.

And this brings us nicely onto a bit of a rant. Our wheat-free blogger has dutifully attended court each day, and the jury room is quite luxurious, low soft chairs, vending machines, spotless 'facilities' and a canteen.

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What's in a kiss?

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Well often quite a lot actually. Do you ever think about kissing someone who might have just eaten a sandwich? or drunk beer? or been scoffing cookies?

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Coke - possible wheat allergy relief product?

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It's not something that we'd really ever made a connection to but Rhys from Australia contacted us this week with this really interesting information.

Quote: "Here is something that I noticed and have found useful and was wondering if anyone else had found the same. If I find I have taken in wheat (occassionally happens when at friends places who make the mistake of assuming that all cornflour is made from corn) and haven't got access to antihistamines, I drink coke.

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Wheat by any other name

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It really isn't easy identifying wheat in a lot of the ingredients lists of foodstuffs, drinks, body products and medicines.

Why is this we asked? Well it seems that wheat by any other name often looks better on an ingredients list, for example doesn't 'triticale' look better than 'wheat' on a posh facial product? The trick is to make you think you're getting something special, rather than just a cheap, over produced, chemically polluted cereal.

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It's not only Sudan 1 in your food

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No-one can fail to be aware of the current food scare this week with hundreds of foods being recalled due to contamination with Sudan 1.

Sudan 1 is normally used as a colouring in solvents, oils, waxes, petrol, and shoe and floor polish, and experts have warned it could contribute to an increased risk of cancer. But it has emerged that the Worcester sauce containing it is used in a huge range of foods. My question is, why?

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celebrity diets have ruined wheat allergy understanding

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Yes, it's true. I'm personally getting sick of reading that yet another celebrity has decided that they have a wheat allergy, just because it's fashionable.

This vanity allergy suffering is spoiling it for all genuine wheat intolerant or allergic sufferers.

I've been on the end of some malicious purposeful food contamination because the cook/chef didn't believe me when I told them I have a severe wheat allergy, and I put the blame firmly in the celebrity 'it's fashionable to have a food allergy' camp. For goodness sake, if you can eat normal food then get a life, don't hijack genuine sufferers allergies.

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