Craft brewery making celiac friendly beers

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In November 2012 Brewery Rickoli opened its doors. Located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado (seriously, a gluten free brewery in a place called Wheat Ridge), it aimed to produce small batch brews large on flavour.

Brewmaster Rick Abitbol started Brewery Rickoli with the intention of being a gluten reduced craft brewery. He uses an enzyme in the brewing process which breaks up the gluten polypetides, resulting in a beer typically containing less than 5ppm gluten (Refer to our Gluten Codex Alimentarius page for more details on approved gluten tolerance levels).

Almost all the beers produced at Brewery Rickoli are less than 5ppm, there are some exceptions however, for example the VannFaw Red Hefe. To remove the gluten an enzyme product called Clarity-Ferm is added, and during fermentation it will "prevent the precipitation of complexed polyphenols and proteins by hydrolyzing the sensitive (haze-active) polypeptides in the region where such hydrogen bonding occurs. The specificity of the enzyme ensures that no other beer parameters are affected."

Some of the beers produced at Brewery Rickoli also have outrageous alcohol levels. Monolith is described as "large, black, formidable" and comes in at a hefty 12% alcohol. It's certainly going to put more hairs on your chest than some of the alternative gluten free beers on the market.

The brewery also provides a relaxed, friendly space where people can enjoy their beers on tap, and if you can't hang around for a while then they'll fill a growler with your beer of choice for takeout.

Brewery Rickoli's gluten reduced beers: Aldo Red - red ale Black Irish Dry Stout - excellent for REAL Black & Tan beers Disturbed Reflection Imperial IPA - very PLINY 9.7% Elke Brown Ale - American brown ale Enormous Richard - double strength cream ale 8.6% Hop Session IPA - full hop flavor and body Meh! - most excellent cream ale Monolith - large, black, formidable 12% Old Rickoli Barleywine - strong and barrel aged 11.5% Rickoli's Rye Stout - robust, spicy and roasty Riiiiiight? - refreshing summer ale with rye and caraway Social Lubricant Scotch Ale - traditional Scotch ale 8.0% The Black Pline - imperial black IPA 9.8% Thrilla in Vanilla - rye stout with vanilla Totally Eye-P-A - flagship IPA

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