Food allergy temporary tattoos

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Most parents will shudder with horror at the thought of a tattoo on their children, pretty much at any age. But some parents are turning to temporary tattoos as a means of indicating their child's food allergy, medical issue, or emergency contact details.

With that in mind, SafetyTat provide a novel alert system that most kids will love, bright, water resistant temporary tattoos that can indicate a food allergy, medical issue, emergency contact details, or even Mommy kisses. They last three days, so your child won't be indelibly marked for life.

On the SafetyTat website you simply select the type of temporary tattoo required, including the option to create your own from scratch with TatBuilder, add in the information you want printed on it e.g. WHEAT ALLERGY, add it to the cart, pay, and the temporary tattoos will be created and shipped to you. Though check shipping times, as they appear a little on the long side for outside North America.

While the temporary tattoo can be rubbed off, it may be a useful alternative to medical alert bracelets that can be removed or lost. Just stick it somewhere that your child won't be rubbing at it, or clothes smudging it through constant friction. Plus it needs to be somewhere third parties can see it.

Parents also need to consider whether people will see it and take notice, so probably using it as a backup to other notification methods would be sensible, and not using it as the only form of notification.

For more information visit SafetyTat