launches online grocery store, including gluten free products

Added on 08 Nov, 2013 . There are .

Sometimes it's just really hard to get wheat free or gluten free specialist items, especially if you live in an area not well supported by diverse shops catering to specialist needs.

Last week launched an online grocery shopping and gourmet foods store, the store will be offering about 18,000 dry food items, including a small selection of gluten free foods.

Now, while ordering your breakfast cereal from may not work for you, due to the time constraints, for example Monday morning you find you've run out of cereal, and if you order it online there and then it's not going to arrive before you leave the house for work. But, if you find you've run out of guar gum or your favourite Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour or pancake mix, and the only option is a long trek to your normal supplier, then it may just be the thing you're looking for.

Out of 18,073 items there's currently only 158 in the gluten free section, so it would be nice if more of the basic items were also tagged as wheat or gluten free, e.g. Zing bars, listed in Candy & Chocolate as wheat free and gluten free, but don't appear in the Gluten Free section, however it's a good start.

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