Ding dong merrily on wheat free high

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It's December and the festive season is rapidly gaining speed. In our neighbourhood businesses and residential properties are already well decorated, lights twinkling away at night (and during the day).

Trying to be more environmentally conscious this year we decided to buy white LED lights for inside and outside, however whilst stockists of LED lights had thousands of packs of every colour you could imagine, the shelves where white should be were stripped bare. Something tells me that their buyers are not switched on!

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For a wheat free dessert how about strawberries?

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NO! STOP RIGHT THERE! Strawberries are not wheat free.

Now you probably think I'm nuts, but if you have a wheat allergy then you will want to be very careful if you are going to choose strawberries as a wheat free dessert option.

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Chocolate, wheat, lack of education or just plain stupidity

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I'll make no apology for it, I'm hopelessly addicted to chocolate. In my younger days (pre 30) I wasn't discriminatory, any chocolate would do, and the greater quantities the better, so more chocolate for my money was always good with me. And of course I didn't have a wheat allergy then, so kit kats, twix, chocolate covered biscuits, you name it, if it had chocolate on it I'd eaten it, or was currently stuffing my face with it. If I didn't eat 3 to 4 bars a day I felt I was missing out.

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New no-dough pizza... a heart attack in a box?

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I was interested to hear that a new no-dough pizza was released a few days ago. Although I'm not a big pizza eater, it's always good to know that there's a readymade wheat free pizza available to buy off the shelf, for those "must have pizza but haven't got the time to make it" moments.

So I wanted to know the low down on these new pizzas, as I'm sure does anyone else that loves pizza but can't eat wheat.

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When is something labelled gluten free not guaranteed gluten free?

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Well if you buy Amy's rice crust pizza, which is clearly labelled gluten free on the box, that's when.

For sale in the gluten free freezer section of my local healthfood store I was excited to see an organic rice crust pizza for sale. Inspecting the box it clearly said "gluten free", I quickly scanned the ingredients to make sure that they hadn't used wheat starch with the gluten removed, was satisfied that it was okay, so bought it.

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Wheat wafers and Holy Communion

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If you have a wheat allergy or coeliac disease how do you cope with Holy Communion?

The Catholic doctrine believes that the wafer and wine taken at Holy Communion are the body and blood of Christ, and therein lies a major problem for someone with a wheat or gluten allergy.

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Eating out is oh such fun...

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I am of course being facetious. Eating out 99% of the time on a wheat free diet sucks!

Visiting friends just before Christmas we went to a local hostelry for lunch. The menu consisted of fried, battered or breaded foods, burgers, fries & lasagne. Even the salads came ready made with the croutons on, and a "well we could pick them off for you". I don't think so.

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Sugar substitute a wheaty pill to swallow

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So Canadian news reported that a scientist at the University of Alberta has discovered a way to turn the dregs from brewing beer into a sweetener. Using the grain waste left over, which is often sold as cheap animal feed, the process can now create xylitol, a sugar substitute.

Now scientists are getting excited that this new discovery will have environmental benefits as well as financial ones. But what about the health ones?

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Will there be anything left for people with food allergies to eat?

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Whilst the US Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act 2004 (FALCPA), that came into force 1 January 2006, has got to be a good thing, I'm starting to worry that there won't be much left for people with food allergies to eat based on reading the packaging.

This is something that I've blogged about before, manufacturers covering their butts by stating that everything they make MAY contain or have traces of blah blah blah.

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Tesco's gluten free shelf stocking habits

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We were contacted by Allie about Tesco's habit of stocking gluten free products for a short while, then removing them again (just when people have got used to using them), does anyone else have this same question or comments?

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January's been a tough old wheat free month

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First let me start with an apology to all those people that religiously read the wheat blog. Sorry there hasn't been one for a while but wheat-free.org has been relocating offices.

Okay, so I hear you say "what's so time consuming about moving?" Well we've actually moved 4,400 miles give or take a mile or three. So it took a bit more than a few cardboard boxes in the back of a lorry.

But wheat-free.org is alive and well and ready to get back into the saddle as it were. So thank you for bearing with us, and welcome to 2006. We do still have staff in the UK, so don't worry, we won't be missing out on all those UK titbits, product reviews etc.

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