Gluten free doggy dental treats

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Our canine best friends are susceptible to wheat allergies just like their human buddies. With that in mind, TropiClean is launching a new range of Fresh Breath +PLUS Dental Treats, which are wheat free, gluten free, grain free and corn free.

The dental treats use natural ingredients that will support your pooch's oral health, because who really enjoys a canine kiss accompanied by dog breath, and also work towards complete pet wellness.

Made in the US, with no ingredients from China, the dental wellness products will come in several different formulations which include added benefits; Advanced Cleaning, Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat, and Pre Biotic.

In an ideal world we would all diligently brush our pets teeth with the regularity of our own, however, realistically most pets don't enjoy or allow brushing, and let's not even think about flossing. While a veterinary dental cleaning is highly desirable, the cost can be prohibitive for a lot of family budgets, therefore dental treats can provide a very important aide to dental health.

TropiClean dental treats contain ingredients such as decaffeinated green tea extract and blueberries, with the treats focus on combining quality ingredients to support pet wellness.

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