GF goodies at the GF Patisserie

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As you walk into the GF Patisserie in Cochrane, Alberta the first thing that assails your senses is the amazing smell of freshly baked bread. With (non-coeliac) bakery needs catered to by the supermarkets and far too few real bakers, the homely and very appetising smell of baking is a lost experience for most of us, and especially for those who can't eat normal bread.

So what makes the GF Patisserie special? Well it must be the fact that it's owned and run by a coeliac who is passionate about baking good, healthy, preservative free foods.

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Gluten free at the dentist

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I was at the dentist today for my bi-annual cleaning and polishing and an interesting issue arose with the polishing compound.

Because of my severe wheat reaction the hygienist always uses toothpaste for the polishing rather than the standard polishing compound. The reason is because although the ingredients don't list wheat we just don't really know, so better safe than sorry.

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Why aren't there any wheat allergic or coeliac TV or film heroes?

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Seriously though, do you ever see someone sitting down to a meal in any of the soap operas, sit coms, reality TV etc saying they can't eat wheat, or checking the meal is gluten free?

In Stargate SG1 did anyone have to risk offending the hospitality of an alien species by asking if it was gluten free?

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Time to reminisce

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It's funny how some things jog your memory and get you reminiscing. My husband is keen to get rid of our Subaru because it's a money pit. It wouldn't be so bad if every time we paid for repairs at the local garage they actually fixed the problem, but they take our money, do half the job, and we have to pay again later on to get the repair repaired.

So I'm seriously thinking about getting another motorbike if we go down to just having the truck for motorised transport. Not having ridden for 6 years, and in the meantime having left the UK and settled in Canada I don't have a bike licence anymore so I'll have to do training and a re-test.

Anyway bear with me I'll be getting to the point soon.

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Gluten free pizza at Boston Pizza et al

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I was interested to see that Boston Pizza now offer gluten free pizza in all their restaurants. However, how do you really know that the prep of the pizza is still going to be gluten free?

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Nutritional info

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Why do some food manufacturers make it so difficult to find out nutritional info?

I wanted to buy some chocolate the other day and the wrapper had no nutritional info on it, it simply read "for nutritional information visit our website".

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