UDI's launch gluten free food range in UK

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Udi's, the major gluten free bakery brand in the US and Canada, has launched a selected range of its products in the UK. Their gluten free range will be on sale in selected Tesco supermarkets.

Products available include bagels, bread & rolls, crisps, granola, seasonal items, snacks and sweet treats.

Udi's have a saying, "Eat Well, Smile Often", and make it their mission to provide a new way to approach gluten free living, with delicious products filling the void left by the inability to eat wheat or gluten.

Currently, looking at the map of Where to Buy in the UK, there are no suppliers in the South or East of England, however Scotland, the Midlands, Northern Ireland and Wales seem to have outlets selling the products.

More Udi's products are planned to launch in the UK over time, so it will be interesting to see how the UK takes to their gluten free range.

[Wheat-Free.org says: We love these products, their breads and buns make great bagged lunches, without the crumble, or need to toast, microwave or cook in any way. Just use and eat straight from the package. And their Cinnamon & Raisin bagels are mouthwatering, good hot or cold, we like to toast them and add a very generous amount of apricot jam. We think the UK is going to love these products.]

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