Gluten free Holiday recipe magazine review - Go Gluten Free, Winter 2013 edition

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With a proliferation of holiday recipe magazines having hit the shelves, and already disappearing faster than snow on a reindeer's nose, we grabbed the last copy of this tempting looking magazine from our local supermarket.

Whether you know a lot, or know very little about gluten free cooking, it's always great to get a little extra help or suggestions, especially if you are feeding a wheat allergy/intolerance or celiac disease guest.

Yesterday we reviewed a well established magazine that's been gracing the shelves for many years, but today's review is for relatively new guys on the block, so what does the Go Gluten Free, Winter 2013 edition have to offer?

Go Gluten Free Holiday Cooking magazineGo Gluten Free - Winter 2013 edition - CDN$14.99 + tax

Is the cover of this magazine tempting or what? I was so intrigued to know what the cover goodies were I paged through to them first, chocolate cupcakes is what, with an awesome decor job.

The magazine is a little pricey, and I had to look twice when I put it through the self-checkout, especially when the screen displayed the description as Twilight... yikes I thought, but it had the correct price just a dodgy description. After a few seconds of hyperventilating I figured that it was still going to be worth the cost as the magazine index promised great things, and with 134 recipes included it works out to just over 11 cents per recipe, all of them gluten free.

As well as recipes there are features including how to read food labels, going Paleo, potential sources of gluten, dining out guide, plus much more.

The recipe selection was also quite comprehensive and broken into sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner, bread, snacks, drinks, dips, spreads & sauces, side dishes, and desserts.

Photographs of the recipes are mouthwatering, the recipes are clearly written, plus I always wondered what a Dirty Martini was—and now I know how to make one.

From low-carb crepes to plentil fattoush, butter chicken to brioche, paleo pumpkin bars to eggnog, ketchup to candied yam, and donuts to chocolate mousse and cupcakes, there are a really diverse selection of recipes, which are sure to please.

To summarise, I was very satisfied that I bought this magazine, it offers assistance to the gluten free newbie, as well as useful information for the old hands. The only problem I can see with this magazine is which recipe to make first.

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