Wheat free Thanksgiving

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Another wheat free Thanksgiving arrives, and with it the stress and worries that people with wheat or gluten allergies have about eating out or at friends increases exponentially.

May and Flower who got their Presidential pardon yesterday will be happily gobbling away today, but for a lot of North Americans eating out, where they can't control the wheat or gluten free nature of their meal, it's not such a happy time.

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Wheat free fuelling for exercise

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With my husband currently undergoing very aggressive treatment for cancer I thought that the least I could do would be to do a run in aid of cancer research. So on September 16 I will be running 10km for The Terry Fox Foundation. This is a worldwide run and to date over $400 million dollars has been raised for a really amazing foundation. Read the story of Terry Fox and you can't fail to be amazed and touched, and this is what drives people to all turn out on the same day for a fun run yet with a vitally important purpose.

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There are more allergens than just peanuts

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There seems to be a big thing now with TV advertising promoting the fact that some manufacturers are labelling their products, always junk foods though, as "peanut free". Peanuts are not the only food allergen in the world, though to see the marketing you'd think it was.

I realise that peanut free foods are useful, but there are loads of them about anyway, like fruit, vegetables etc. And making sugary snacks peanut free for school lunch bags is not only a perceived "safety" issue. It's also a gimmick.

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Hidden wheat in medicines

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IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU READ THIS BLOG: Please read this blog with a large dose of caution and DO NOT stop taking your medication. If you have a wheat allergy and are injecting blood thinner then DON'T STOP, it's vital that you continue with such an important treatment. Perhaps you might want to ask your doctor or pharmacist to investigate whether it has a wheat base if you are having some strange reactions. But NEVER NEVER STOP taking your medication unless you have discussed it fully first with your doctor, hospital or other registered health professional responsible for your care and they have given their approval.

Medicines are an interesting issue in relation to wheat content. I've always been conscious of making sure that any medicines I buy over the counter don't contain wheat, but I've had a few problems with doctors prescribing medicines that contain "starch", even though they know I have a problem with wheat. The rule is "if it doesn't identify what type of starch it is, it's wheat".

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What is it actually safe to eat?

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Hands up everyone who's a little bit worried about the whole contaminated wheat gluten issue currently in the news? Not many wheat-free eaters I bet. But, whether you eat wheat or not, it's a really worrying hit to the food chain. And if you have a pet, while you may not eat wheat, I'm pretty certain that your pet does, or did, in their pet food.

Now hands up everyone who's a little bit smug that they don't eat wheat and enjoy watching the wheat eaters sweat? Come on, don't be shy, it's human nature to feel a bit mean about people that can enjoy eating out without breaking into a sweat at the thought of a little wheat contamination in for example, their supposedly crouton-free salad.

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Gastroscopy part II

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... and the next thing I remember I was looking at the clock back on the ward which was saying 9:20, and a nurse was telling me to turn over onto my left side to have a bit more sleep.

After another 30-ish minutes peaceful sleep I was wide awake, and slightly disconcerted that I'd completely lost 50 minutes. I honestly couldn't remember a thing after watching the 3rd injection into my IV. Okay, so I'm really pleased about that, as I really wasn't looking forward to a long tube being pushed down my throat into my stomach anyway, but all the same, they could have removed a kidney and I wouldn't have noticed.

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It's gastroscopy time!

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My long awaited appointment for a gastroscopy has arrived. Basically as I understand it, they sedate me, then poke a tube with a light and camera down my throat into my stomach and have a good look around. At that time they also will take a biopsy for coeliac disease.

Hmmmmmmmm... this sounds like fun... not!

Having once bitten my dentist, not on purpose I might add, but as a reflex action when he accidentally touched too far back in my mouth, I'm not real keen on having a length of plastic tube poked down my throat.

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Easter eggs... chocolate shells... ribbons... the Easter bunny...

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Easter. I love it. Although I'm not remotely religious it doesn't stop me eagerly anticipating the arrival of the myriad of extravagantly decorated eggs in the shops. The brightly coloured wrappings, the pretty ribbons, the promise of secrets inside the chocolate shell... mmmmmmmmn I love it all.

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So can't eat wheat but not allergic to it

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After all the skin prick tests were completed I was despatched to the lab for blood tests, because whilst the skin prick tests indicate no wheat allergy they are not 100% foolproof.

But the allergist suspects that it could be an auto-immune issue, not an allergy, or there again coeliac disease even though I don't have a problem with rye, barley or oats. However to be on the safe side IgE and RAST blood tests should surely tell the truth, I must be allergic to wheat if I can't eat it, right?

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Is it a wheat allergy or not?

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So because my problem with eating wheat has now reached the severity that I was vomiting over 30 times in the space of 1 hour, and so ill that my husband was on the verge of calling 911, my asthma specialist referred me to an allergy specialist, as this problem with wheat was the original cause of my asthma.

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