The Ice Dream Cookbook – Review

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This review refers to the pre-publication review copy.

As the creator of and a super sensitive reactor to wheat I naturally own a very large collection of wheat free and gluten free cookbooks. Most of them follow the same format, a write up about wheat allergy or celiac disease, a list of basic what you can eat and what you can't, then a selection of recipes.

This book is different.

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Mmmmmmmm... desserts

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We've just received a pre-publication copy of The Ice Dream Cookbook by Chef Rachel Albert-Matesz to review.

It's a healthy sized book full of dairy free ice cream alternatives, gluten free cookies, compotes and sauces. Our initial reaction on a quick scan is "wow, this looks interesting".

Watch this space for our review coming soon... now where did I put that ice cream maker...

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A Tasty Menu indeed

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I haven't had real fries in 10 years... until now.

As you are all aware it's just too risky to have deep fried foods when you are allergic to wheat or have coeliac disease, because if anything containing wheat has been cooked in the same oil it's going to contaminate what you're eating.

So what changed after 10 years of my fries abstinence? Well recently I had the pleasure of eating at Calgary's only 100% gluten free restaurant, A Tasty Menu.

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