Christmas fare recipe

Wheat & Gluten Free Christmas fare

Wheat & gluten free Christmas fare recipe

It's Christmas, the festive season. Traditionally a time for mince pies, christmas pudding, turkey, stuffing and christmas cake. But what about a wheat free or gluten free Christmas? Do you have to miss out because you have a wheat allergy, intolerance, or celiac disease?

Everything for a traditional Christmas lunch can be reproduced in a wheat or gluten free version. Nobody needs to miss out, and nobody will know the difference (if you don't tell them).

IMPORTANT: always check ingredients, manufacturers do change recipes without telling consumers, so don't assume the item you bought to eat last month will have the same ingredients this month, it may not.

Christmas breakfast

Smoked salmon breakfast
Bucks Fizz (orange juice and Champagne in any ratio you like!)

Christmas lunch or dinner

Main course
Roast turkey
Vegetarian lasagne or vegan meatless loaf
Chipolatas/breakfast sausages (check wheat/gluten free)
Roast potatoes or potato layer bake
Roast parsnips
New or mashed potatoes
Broccoli florets, carrots, peas, corn, sweet potato, brussel sprouts
Gravy/onion gravy
Cranberry sauce

Yuletide meringue
Fresh fruit salad
Mince pies
Whipped cream
Assorted cheeses with cheese biscuits

Christmas afternoon tea

Sausage dogs (aka pigs in blankets)
Toasted cheesey bites, cheese biscuits
Mince pies
Black forest trifle
Tortilla chips & potato chips (check wheat/gluten free)
Rice crackers (check wheat/gluten free)
Salsa, hummus, sour cream dips
Pickles, olives
Cranberry muffins
Vanilla shortbread cookies
Chocolate cherry fudge & chocolate rum truffles

Christmas snacks

Nuts - cashews, pistachios, brazils, macadamias, hazelnuts, pecans
Tortilla chips & potato chips (check wheat/gluten free)
Salsa dip, hummus, guacamole
Fresh fruit - satsumas, grapes, apricots, figs, cherries
Dried fruit
Cheese biscuits
Toasted sunflower seeds

Christmas treats

Chocolates & truffles

Wheat & gluten free alcohol

Champagne, wine, beer, lager