Dump the junk food snacks at kids sports events

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In the U.S. parents are starting to think more carefully about what they bring to sports events when it's their turn to provide the team snacks.

It's something that is slowly being recognised as a big problem, especially with the levels of childhood obesity now present that are laying down the foundations of adult obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

However, too many parents are still falling prey to the idea that if their child has done a small amount of exercise then it's okay to eat junk food during and afterwards. The problem being that they nearly always ingest far more calories from the snacks than they have actually burnt off in the first place. It it also creating a bad habit, the belief that exercise can be rewarded with junk food.

Some parents are frightened to make an issue out of this, and are being forced, against their own beliefs, to provide sugary, fatty, salt laden snacks for their childs teammates, to avoid peer pressure issues. Coaches too are more reticent in coming forward with 'do's and don'ts' for sports events due to parent aggression.

Lack of education or time appear to be the major issues, with most parents simply not understanding about nutrition requirements for their growing offspring, or not having the time to source anything other than the first available packet on the supermarket shelf nearest the door.

Fruit, nuts, seeds, are a great alternative, though leave the fruit juices out as it's just liquid sugar... remember never drink your fruit.