Quorn no longer safe to eat on wheat free diet

Added on 30 Jun, 2005 . There are .

Quorn products, which until now offered a good vegetarian alternative in the form of nuggets and mince for making curries, chillies, bologneses and many other dishes, have announced on their packaging that these products now "may contain wheat..." Evidently this is because they also use wheat in the factory where the mince and chunks are made.

The currently unanswered question is, has there always been this risk of contamination or have they recently changed production methods so that they no longer clean up properly between different manufacturing processes.

Quorn has for many years courted controversy because of the nature of its production, from a mycoprotein (fungus), with reports of an estimated 5% of all consumers experiencing problems after eating it.

It has however been a popular alternative for vegetarian cooking, and now with it's restriction on people with wheat and gluten allergies no longer able to eat it safely, it will have lost more of it's market.

For those people that are regular eaters of our Quorn chilli and Quorn bolognese we do have an alternative version of chilli using soya pieces instead, and a bolognese is to follow shortly.