Rapid test kit for Celiac Disease & gluten intolerance now available

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US based York Nutritional Laboratories have introduced to the US a simple and revolutionary finger-stick rapid test kit designed to detect the antibodies associated with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Although the definitive diagnosis of celiac disease is from an intestinal biopsy, these new serological tests are both cheaper and less invasive, the kit can be used either at a doctor's office or in the comfort of a person's home, taking just 10 minutes to produce the test results.

Approximately 1 million Americans are known to suffer from classical celiac disease, and on top of that there are up to 1 million more who have silent, latent or undiagnosed celiac disease, often because they do not have the symptoms typically associated with it. People in this category run the risk of developing a full blown version of celiac disease in later life, which can cause complications such as bowel cancer, infertility and autoimmune diseases. It is therefore important to be able to make a correct diagnosis as early as possible.

John Kernohan, Director of York Nutritional Laboratories said, "This new rapid test is a great improvement over our original cdSCAN, which we introduced back in 2002. Individuals now have a even quicker, more convenient and reliable means to determine if Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance is the culprit behind their ill-health."

Information about the cdSCAN is available from York Nutritional Laboratories, Inc.
or visit www.yorkallergyusa.com