And the #1 wheat free breakfast is...

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Yes, seriously. While porridge oats have never traditionally had a sexy image, they are now the hottest thing on the breakfast block.

And what is the absolutely great thing about oats? they're wheat free! Wheat free and low on the glycaemic index (GI), they release energy slowly with the complex carbs in them helping to balance blood sugar levels, avoiding the blood sugar highs and lows experienced when eating sugary cereals or many wheat free/gluten free breads for breakfast. On top of this they are low in calories and fat, so with oats ticking all the nutrition boxes it's no wonder they've become fashionable, and seen in all the best eating places. Eat your oats and you'll feel full for longer, snack less, and help your heart.

Studies have shown that oats can lower cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure, and are high in fibre, something often missing on a wheat free diet.

Evidently oats are now Britain's second favourite breakfast cereal with Sainsbury's reporting a 60% increase in oat sales in the last six months. But with wheat free eaters they are certainly number 1, providing a filling, nutritious meal at any time of the day.

And it doesn't just stop at porridge, oats have had a makeover and now appear in many different forms, for example the stem ginger, mixed berry and fruit spice biscuits brought out by Nairns (see review).

So the next time you are looking for a wheat free, hot, filling, nutritious, low calorie and low fat breakfast look no further than porridge, it's got everything you need to keep you going