Coke - possible wheat allergy relief product?

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It's not something that we'd really ever made a connection to but Rhys from Australia contacted us this week with this really interesting information.

Quote: "Here is something that I noticed and have found useful and was wondering if anyone else had found the same. If I find I have taken in wheat (occassionally happens when at friends places who make the mistake of assuming that all cornflour is made from corn) and haven't got access to antihistamines, I drink coke.

I noticed in the past that it seems to dramatically decrease the negative consequences of the wheat allergy. I still react but nowhere near as badly.

The sooner you ingest it (it has to be on top of the food you just ate) the better. My theory is that the phosphoric acid in the coke denatures the offending wheat proteins, however I have no empirical evidence for this." End quote.

Thinking back to some dodgy retaurant meals I've eaten I have noticed that sometimes I will start to get all the symptoms of a wheat allergy attack, but they will be nowhere near as intense or with the disastrous effects that normally happen. The point is that I don't drink alcohol, so usually drink diet coke when out at a meal, or mineral water.

Does anyone else out there have any experience of this?

Obviously we are not recommending that you purposely eat some wheat and then drink Coke or Pepsi to try it out, but if you do have any feedback or confirmations of this it would be great if you would share it with others on this blog.

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