Why hasn't anyone produced a wheat free version of Twix yet?

Added on 23 May, 2005 . There are .

If there's one chocolate bar that I do miss it's Twix. Thick rippled chocolate coating a crunchy biscuit topped with thick caramel, ummmmmm lovely. I can remember back to those days when I used to be able to eat them, too many of course as my waistline would have attested at the time, but who's counting now.

There is already a sort of wheat & gluten free version of Kit Kat. It's called a Break Bar, made by Glutano. They also do a chunky version. It's ok, but not quite a perfect replacement if you can fondly remember back to proper Kit Kat eating days, especially the ones that sometimes got through the process without the wafer being added. Solid chocolate, oh boy!

There's not really much of a wheat & gluten free confectionery market I suppose because we're already in the minority, and then of course there's also the allergy sufferers who are disciplined enough not to eat chocolate and sweets anyway, which cuts down the market a bit more.

Developing allergy friendly confectionery isn't cheap, and there is quite a choice on the market that although not specifically allergy friendly, are safe to eat. So any special wheat & gluten free versions are really a bonus. Kinnerton make allergy friendly chocolate, and they even produce chocolate in a separate nut-free zone. Which requires separate coloured uniforms to be worn, separate canteens, tools only allowed to be used in the nut-free zone, even toilets segregated for people that work in the section that does use nuts. Dedication like this deserves to be rewarded, so next time you see Kinnerton chocolate on the shelves why not try one.

Moving on, one of my bugbears is that when I want to buy chocolate online, as some of my favourites aren't available within a 100 mile radius of where I live, the website doesn't give enough information about the ingredients.

Some sites are great, they have wheat/gluten free sections with the 'safe' products listed in them. However the thing is, browsing around the site I will also see that they have a fantastic wider selection of chocolates available. I know damn well that a lot of the chocolate on the site would be safe to eat, but they don't list the ingredients, so it's hit and miss. Unless I've actually seen it in a shop and been able to check the ingredients list myself I daren't order it online.

It would be really helpful if sites selling foods and confectionery online would list the ingredients. And it's not just people with allergies that would benefit, many people now are more aware of what they put into their body, eschewing the chemicals and preservatives that a lot of foods contain in favour of healthier, more natural foods.

So come on all you foodstuff websites, help everybody out, list the ingredients. Be up front about what's in the products. You might find that you start to sell more.

But back to Twix, maybe wheat-free.org should try to develop their own version.