Coconut palm sugar

Coconut palm sugar -  natural gluten free sweetener

Coconut palm sugar isn't made from coconuts—despite its name; it is actually made from the sap of coconut palm flower buds. The sap is dried and condensed into a brown sugar with a caramel taste. Because it requires no other processing it can be considered a natural sweetener, and also naturally gluten free.

Coconut palm sugar still contains the same calories as sugar—approximately 15 calories per teaspoon, and the same carbohydrate as sugar—4g per teaspoon. However, it is lower in fructose than table sugar; coconut palm sugar comprises approximately 75 percent sucrose, and approximately 5 percent fructose and 5 percent glucose, compared to cane sugar which is 50 percent fructose.

Concerns have been indicated that the coconut palm sugar industry is not sustainable because the flowering bud is taken from the coconut palm tree to make it—which means without the flower no coconut is produced. However, this is also refuted by other sources stating that trees, flowers, and coconuts can co-exist while still making coconut palm sugar. Coconut palms also need very little water to survive and produce flowers and fruit—making them very suited to drought conditions.

Use as a sweetener:

Because coconut palm sugar is granulated it's easy to use in all the same ways that table/cane sugar is used.


Coconut palm sugar can be substituted for cane sugar in a one-for-one replacement. Why not try it in our Blueberry Muffin recipe?

Storing/shelf life:

Unopened packets will remain as loose crystals without clumping, however, once the packet is opened humidity can make the crystals clump together. Any coconut sugar crystals that have clumped together can be broken up and used as normal. Keeping the contents airtight will help maintain a loose granulated consistency for ease of use.

Alternative names:

  • Coconut crystals
  • Coco sap sugar
  • Coconut sugar
  • Coco sugar
  • Palm sugar

Glycemic index/Glycemic load

  • Glycemic index = 35 (approximately)
  • Glycemic load (glycemic index related to serving size) of 1 tsp = 1 (approximately)

Nutritional information - coconut palm sugar:

Proximates:Nutritional value per 1 tsp (4g)
Energy16 kcal
Total lipid (fat)0
- Sugars (total)4g
- Dietary fiber0


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