Food stabilisers containing isolated wheat proteins have been developed for mayonnaises

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New food stabilisers for egg-free dressings have been developed by Cesalpinia Food, part of the Tate & Lyle group. What makes these new stabilisers a concern for people on a wheat or gluten free diet is that they are manufactured using isolated wheat proteins (emulsifiers).

Frimulsion E130 and E132 are ready-to-use stabilisers and are claimed to be the first ever non-dairy systems for egg-free dressings. Made from isolated wheat proteins, xanthan gum, guar gum and modified food starches they remove the need for animal products that are normally required when manufacturing medium and low fat mayonnaises.

A side effect of this change will be that instead of adding egg yolk or dairy protein, which contains cholesterol, these stabilisers will be cholesterol free, but they will now contain wheat.

The company stated that storage and handling advantages will be reaped by no longer needing to use egg yolk, which will also translate to a cost saving for the company because only a small amount of the isolated wheat protein is required, instead of eggs and their volatile pricing.

Cesalpinia Food intend to expand these products throughout Europe for other manufacturers looking to cheapen their manufacturing processes.

[Editor's note: So to cheapen manufacturing processes for dressings, and presumably in the future many other products, wheat is going to be used in yet more devious ways to catch out those that are unfortunate to have a wheat or gluten allergy. The bottom line is that "manufacturers looking to cheapen their manufacturing processes" are actually looking to manufacture cheaper quality products, while still screwing the consumer for the same or higher prices. What price health?]