1st annual Gluten-Free Culinary Summit launches this August in the Colorado Rockies

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The Gluten-Free Culinary Summit is a new culinary conference for food lovers interested in learning about gluten free cooking. The weekend event features seminars, cooking and baking demonstrations, panel discussions and special events conducted by an impressive cast of chefs, chef-instructors and industry experts.

Scheduled for August 26-28, 2006 at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado, the Gluten-Free Culinary Summit has been created for food enthusiasts to explore the nutritious and delicious world of gluten free cuisine.

With the gluten free diet becoming one of the fastest growing food movements in the US, as a combination of Americans turning to a gluten free lifestyle to improve health, or having been diagnosed as celiac, the conference takes advantage of this by promoting gluten free gastronomy.

The conference will highlight the use of less traditional ingredients for creating delicious gluten free alternatives to wheat based recipes. Gluten free baking methods and tips will also be featured.

Presentations will include:

  • Gluten free bread baking basics, by Richard Coppedge, CMB, of the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park)
  • Gluten free grains, flours and starches, with Eric Stein of Johnson & Wales University (Denver) and Lori Sobelson of Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods (Oregon)
  • Secrets to cooking gluten-free grains, with James Beard award-nominated cookbook author Lorna Sass
  • Scrumptious pie crusts and fillings, by Renee Zonka, R.D., CEC from The Illinois Institute of Art (Chicago)
  • Savory gluten-free sauces, gravy and beyond, by award-winning vegetarian chef Ron Pickarski, CEC of Boulder, Colorado
  • Breakfast delights, with Chef Joel Schaefer, Nutrition and Special Diets, Walt Disney World Resort
  • Quick and easy lunches, with Jessica Hale and Yvonne Gifford of Glutenfreeda.com, Inc.
  • Dinner entrees, with Lee Tobin of Whole Foods Market
  • Pizza crust and focaccia, by Monica Poole of Deby's Gluten-Free Café in Denver
  • ... and much more

There will also be audience question and answer sessions, and a special dining event on the Saturday evening, with a portion of the dinner proceeds benefitting local celiac and gluten intolerant community outreach efforts.

The 1st annual Gluten-Free Culinary Summit's sponsors include Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods and Mariposa Baking.

For event information and registration visit www.theglutenfreelifestyle.com