Is there a wheat allergy connection to petit mal (epileptic absences) in children?

Added on 04 Apr, 2006 . There are .

We have been contacted with some interesting information from Josie about her son's tentative diagnosis of petit mal, medication issues and subsequent changing to a wheat free diet.

Does anyone else have any experience of this? Or any comments they would like to add?

Quote: "My son was tentativley diagnosed with petit mal (or epileptic absences) and the hospital were using medication to confirm the diagnosis - in other words, when the dose didn't make any difference they just kept increasing the dose."

"My son (then 9) was turning into a zombie. When a brain scan didn't show any irregularities we went to a homeopath / nutrition expert who did some muscle testing and said our son should cut out dairy and wheat."

"The effect was almost instant - his extreme daydreaming stopped, he could actually wake up in the mornings, his temper improved and so did his school work."

"We have continued with wheat free bread, pasta etc, finding new recipes all the time and I think the whole family is benfiting from a more varied diet." End quote