Tesco's gluten free shelf stocking habits

Added on 05 Mar, 2006 . There are .

We were contacted by Allie about Tesco's habit of stocking gluten free products for a short while, then removing them again (just when people have got used to using them), does anyone else have this same question or comments?

Quote: "Ive been on a wheat free diet for nearly 2 years now but i have noticed that Tescos even though theydo recognise the coaelic problems some people have they do have a huge habit of producing new products and then removing them from stock as soon as they are on the shelf! have you been contacted about this problem before? I did email tescos telling them but all they did was send a short a e-mail abck saying \'we\'ll look into it\' - i was just curious if anyone else has been in the same situ??" End quote

So if anyone has experienced the same issue then please let us know, and if it is a widespread issue we'll contact Tesco to see what they have to say about it.