Hotel Chocolat launches new gluten & wheat free products section

Added on 05 Feb, 2006 . There are .

Last month Hotel Chocolat asked for our feedback. We were blunt, terribly blunt. One box of Booja Booja truffles on the site does not a gluten free section make.

Hotel Chocolat listened and within days had launched a new Gluten & Wheat free section with significantly more than one box of truffles in it... and we're promised that more items will appear.

Buying wheat & gluten free chocolates as gifts for allergy sufferers has long been a problem for people that don't have to worry about what they eat. Wheat allergy and coeliac sufferers are often disappointed to either receive chocolates that when carefully looked at do contain wheat or gluten, or indeed to not receive anything chocolate at all (for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, etc).

Websites that make an effort to specifically give allergy advice are to be recommended. It makes life a lot more certain for those with food allergies, and also for those confused gifters that want to buy something chocolate, but don't want the giftee keeling over at the first sniff.

Visit the Hotel Chocolat website to view the wonderful selections of chocolate available, especially the newly revamped Gluten & Wheat free section.

While you're there peruse the other chocolate selections, there is something for everyone on this site, whether they have food allergies, food preferences (i.e. vegan) or simply just love chocolate in all its forms.

Hotel Chocolat will deliver to anywhere in the world.