Thanksgiving dinner recipe

Wheat & Gluten Free Thanksgiving dinner

Wheat & gluten free Thanksgiving dinner recipe

Although Thanksgiving is celebrated on different dates depending on the country you are in, traditionally it's a time for family to enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner with turkey and all the trimmings. But what about a wheat free or gluten free Thanksgiving?

You do not have to miss out because you have a wheat allergy, intolerance or celiac disease. It's possible to reproduce a traditional Thanksgiving lunch or dinner in a wheat/gluten free version. Nobody needs to miss out, and nobody will know the difference (if you don't tell them).

Thanksgiving lunch or dinner

thanksgiving turkeys

Main course
roast turkey
vegetarian lasagne or vegan meatless loaf
wheat & gluten free chipolatas/breakfast sausages
roast potatoes or potato layer bake
roast parsnips
new or mashed potatoes
broccoli florets, carrots, peas, corn, sweet potato, brussel sprouts
gravy/onion gravy
cranberry sauce

pumpkin pie
fresh fruit salad & whipped cream
assorted cheeses with homemade cheese biscuits

thanksgiving turkeys

Thanksgiving snacks

nuts, dried fruit & seeds
tortilla chips or potato chips (avoid flavoured versions)
rice crackers*
salsa, hummus, sour cream dips
fresh fruit - satsumas, grapes, apricots, figs, berries
cheese biscuits
more pumpkin pie
cranberry muffins
vanilla shortbread cookies
chocolate cherry fudge or rum truffles

thanksgiving turkeys

Wheat & gluten free alcohol

champagne, wine, beer & lager

thanksgiving turkeys

* always check ingredients, manufacturers do change recipes without telling consumers, so don't assume the item you bought to eat last month will have the same ingredients this month, it may not.