Barbeque food for 4th of July recipe

Wheat & Gluten Free Barbeque food for 4th of July

Wheat & gluten free Barbeque food for 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! It's time to celebrate with friends and family, and have a barbeque in the great outdoors.

Barbeque food can be fraught with hidden wheat & gluten dangers, a big problem being sausages and the marinades for meat. However if you follow our tips then you should have as enjoyable a time as everyone else.

tip #1: NEVER be tempted to put any flammable liquid onto the barbeque to 'get it going', the burns that can result from this type of accident are horrific, it's stupid to risk your health and spoils everyone elses day. Just stick to charring the meat, not yourself.

bar-b-quesbarbeque food for the grill:

  • steaks, marinated in a wheat/gluten free sauce, plus some non-marinated steaks too
  • chicken pieces in maple marinade (use the sauce from this recipe without the slivered almonds)
  • chicken pieces without marinade
  • bison burgers
  • turkey burgers
  • sausages (make sure they are wheat & gluten free)
  • salmon or trout baked in foil
  • shrimp and vegetable kebabs

tip #2: Make sure that everything you cook on the barbeque is wheat & gluten free. Don't be tempted to think that you can 'zone' the grill, it won't work. Utensils will cross-contaminate, as will spitting fat.

bar-b-quesbarbeque food not requiring grill time:

  • leek tart (not everyone is a meat eater)
  • spicy chick peas (vegan friendly)
  • selection of cheeses
  • jacket potatoes
  • new dug or mini potatoes in mayonnaise with fresh chopped herbs
  • salads - check any dressings are wheat & gluten free, and of course NEVER add croutons
  • coleslaws - check they are marked wheat & gluten free or make your own
  • pickles - silverskin onions, cornichons (in white wine vinegar not malt)
  • chunky tomato salsa
  • sauces & relishes - tomato, mustard, corn, chilli - check allergy status
  • olive oil or avocado oil for drizzling on salads
  • gluten free burger buns
  • and finally, wheat bread rolls (because not everyone will appreciate gluten free versions for their burgers - see tip #3)

tip #3: Put wheat containing bread rolls on a separate table away from the rest of the food. If you put the cutlery on the same table then people will go there last, which means that they won't be bringing bread rolls to the buffet table, they'll be taking their full plates to the cutlery table where the bread rolls will also be waiting (and of course reduces the risk of wheat contamination).

bar-b-quesdecadent wheat & gluten free barbeque desserts:

bar-b-quesbarbeque additional extras:

  • barbeque & charcoal (or gas bar-b-que)
  • utensils for cooking
  • oven gloves to protect your hands from the heat of the barbeque
  • food (of course)
  • alcohol (or there'll be a mutiny)
  • soft drinks (not everyone's a drinker)
  • plates & bowls (if you use paper plates don't get the thin ones, get the more rigid versions as paper plates go very soft when hot food is put on them)
  • plastic glasses, cutlery & paper napkins
  • bucket of water for dowsing flames/hot charcoal if there's a problem (NOT for gas barbeques)
  • suntan cream (if the sun's still out and shining)
  • bug candles (citronella), to help you keep the biting critters away from your food and your body once the sun goes down
  • bug spray, containing DEET
  • and finally, have a GREAT time