Why aren't there any wheat allergic or coeliac TV or film heroes?

Added on 25 Aug, 2010 . There are .

Seriously though, do you ever see someone sitting down to a meal in any of the soap operas, sit coms, reality TV etc saying they can't eat wheat, or checking the meal is gluten free?

In Stargate SG1 did anyone have to risk offending the hospitality of an alien species by asking if it was gluten free?

In the film Chocolat did anyone with a wheat allergy ask if the chocolate truffles were wheat free?

Has anyone gone into the Queen Vic and instead of a pint say "I'll have a coeliac beer please?"

Just seems to me that food allergies are something that TV or film characters don't get. Okay so realistically Garfield couldn't have gluten free lasagne and Homer Simpson couldn't have coeliac beer, but what about humans on screen?

Couldn't Rambo have eaten gluten free? Or Booth in Bones go without pie in the local coffeeshop? Or maybe House have to check that his Vicodin is celiac safe?

I guess it would just be nice if TV or films didn't always show that everyone can eat everything, everywhere. It's something that I, and millions of other food allergy sufferers miss, the ability to sit down anywhere and eat anything at anytime.

So how about a coeliac Dr Who at the next regeneration?