Gluten free at the dentist

Added on 16 Sep, 2010 . There are .

I was at the dentist today for my bi-annual cleaning and polishing and an interesting issue arose with the polishing compound.

Because of my severe wheat reaction the hygienist always uses toothpaste for the polishing rather than the standard polishing compound. The reason is because although the ingredients don't list wheat we just don't really know, so better safe than sorry.

Anyway today my really lovely hygienist Chris said that she now had a gluten free polishing compound and was quite excited to be able to use it on my teeth. So we then discussed that if a gluten free polishing compound has finally been made does this mean that all the normal ones contain gluten? Interesting.

Well the gluten free polishing compound certainly smelt good, like bubblegum, and tasted like grape soda. Actually a nice change from using mint toothpaste.

However, there's no getting away from the question, does ordinary dental polishing compound contain gluten after all? Maybe all coeliacs should be doublechecking with their dentist, especially as a gluten free one is now available.