Nutritional info

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Why do some food manufacturers make it so difficult to find out nutritional info?

I wanted to buy some chocolate the other day and the wrapper had no nutritional info on it, it simply read "for nutritional information visit our website".

So I'm standing in the middle of a shop wanting to try that particular chocolate item, and not yet having splurged on a smart phone I'm being told on the wrapper to check the manufacturers website before I know whether it's safe to eat or not.

You can guess what I bought can't you... a different manufacturers chocolate with nutritional information clearly shown.

When I got home, chocolate fix ingested, I checked the unbought chocolate manufacturers website and okay so it would have been safe to eat, but with a very severe reaction to wheat it wouldn't have been safe to gamble without more information first.

Oh and I also wanted to know the calories so that I could figure out if it was going to fit into my days allowance as I'm trying to drop a few kilos to make my running more efficient. Let's face it hauling 10kg of excess weight up a mountain just ain't sensible, now hauling 10kg of chocolate up a mountain...