Wheat free Thanksgiving

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Another wheat free Thanksgiving arrives, and with it the stress and worries that people with wheat or gluten allergies have about eating out or at friends increases exponentially.

May and Flower who got their Presidential pardon yesterday will be happily gobbling away today, but for a lot of North Americans eating out, where they can't control the wheat or gluten free nature of their meal, it's not such a happy time. But it needn't be a problem. Eating wheat or gluten free isn't that difficult for Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving page is full of ideas for anyone faced with the challenge of cooking for a wheat or gluten allergic guest. We even have a recipe for wheat free stuffing, and believe me it's good.

Another thing to watch out for is gravy. Most commercial gravies have wheat in them for thickening. So unless you can source a gravy marked gluten free (yes they do exist, but are as rare as turkey's teeth) then the only option is to make your own. So why not try our gravy recipe instead.

And how about pumpkin pie? Well ours is so good people that normally eat wheat don't notice the difference.

So enjoy Thanksgiving, serve it wheat and gluten free and everyone at your table will be happy, safe, well fed... and fortified for Black Friday's retail therapy.

Happy shopping!