Domino's offer gluten free pizza

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Is it an attempt to include celiacs in their clientele? Or just an attempt to get more feet in the door?

While gluten free pizza is now on the Domino's Pizza menu, the company says that it's not recommended for people suffering with celiac disease. Er what? Well, the pizzas are cooked on the same surfaces and in the same ovens as gluten containing products. Oh, so it's not really a gluten free pizza at all? Nope.

The crust is certified gluten free, however the handling and cooking methods aren't gluten free. Who at Domino's came up with this? Oh of course, the marketing guys, who certainly aren't celiacs, or making any effort to understand celiac health issues associated with ingesting gluten, or indeed just how much a celiac would love to go out and have a safe pizza.

Domino's CEO, J. Patrick Doyle, actually hailed this as a milestone stating that many customers have requested a gluten free crust.

While Domino's worked with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness to bring their standards to the company's employees and kitchens, and create a gluten free crust, they couldn't go the extra bit of effort and actually ensure the product stays gluten free.

Is this a real attempt to include celiacs in their clientele? Or is this a cynical attempt to jump on the fashionable gluten free bandwagon? Domino's state that celiacs shouldn't eat their gluten free pizza, so you be the judge.