Does your gluten free lunch need a snackTAXI?

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How often do you carefully mark your ziplock baggie gluten free lunch with your name only to have some greedy/shortsighted/hasty person grab it from the cooler anyway?

Does the overwhelming tide of plastic bags thrown out by the average household every year bother you?

Do you think that there must be a better alternative to disposable plastic bags for all those packups for school, work, recreation etc?

If so, snackTAXI™ might be just the thing you're looking for.

snackTAXI™ sent us some of their reusable snack and sandwich bags to try out. Made from materials that are free of lead, phthlates and BPA, they have washable fabric on the outside and are lined with a washable/wipe clean nylon interior. With a velcro fastening and "gluten free" label sewn on the front they look very practical, but are they when put to the test?

For a typical size sandwich or roll they are plenty big enough for the normal persons appetite requirements, and if you can't fit it all in one then stick the overflow in another. The snack bag, although smaller, is also spacious enough for something like a muffin, fruit, brownie, trail mix etc. A little common sense in what you pack in them is required... e.g. dry foods!

Although we haven't had them long enough to see how well they stand up to wear and tear e.g. a season/term of daily packups, they are well made, and if you did damage your snackTAXI™ then you could probably repair it yourself. The great thing is that they're not wildly expensive, plus if you consider how much money you saved not buying plastic bags, then it's easy to justify buying a new one.

reusable gluten free snackTAXI lunch bags The snackTAXI™ range has a great choice of colours and patterns, there are so many that one or two just won't be enough.

snackTAXI™ are available from selected retailers, their website lists retail locations in Canada and the US.

Alternatively you can order online ( and they will ship internationally.

Overall we thought that these reusable lunch and snack bags are a great idea, they help the environment and also your household budget, just think how much money you spend on plastic bags that probably only get one use before ending up in the trash and an overflowing landfill.

Plus the bonus is that if you pack your lunch or snacks in one of these the cooler lunch hog won't dare grab the wrong bag!

snackTAXI™ P.O. Box 77, Plainfield, MA 01070 Tel: 413.634.0253