The original gluten free diet

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Did you know that Stone Age man followed a gluten free diet? Well he did until the Agricultural Revolution about 10,000 years ago, after that his digestive problems evidently started.

Stone Age man ate meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, there were no grains in his diet, no dairy, no legumes and no potatoes... sorry all you spud fans, Stone Age man did not go hunting with a handful of potato chips or fries to go with his Mammoth burger.

He also didn't drink milk, or eat ice cream, have you tried to milk a wild, hairy, undomesticated beast?

What does this mean for us 200 generations on, since grains and dairy appeared in our diet? According to experts, it means that we are genetically predisposed to have problems with grains and dairy as our DNA doesn't have those foods written into it.

Sugar was also not on the menu. Honey was the only available sugar source, and as we all know, bees don't produce it year round and when they do produce it they guard it jealously. So Stone Age man could only indulge a sweet tooth a few months of the year, as long as he was determined enough to withstand the bees defending their precious treasure.

The Paleo Diet (short for Paleolithic Diet) has been in use for many years by people who believe that their health is better when they eat like their ancestors did. Not only is the diet wheat and gluten free but it has the benefit of being dairy, sugar and largely salt free too.

The secret is to eat a balanced diet of lean meats, fish and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes make a great alternative to potatoes, rice or pasta. But the emphasis is on lean meats, not chowing down on endless barbequed ribs or chicken wings.

There are health benefits associated with going Paleo, for example lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, significant weight loss and healthy bowels (from all that fibre). However it won't suit everyone, and it's essential to have a balanced food intake to ensure adequate vitamin and mineral consumption.

Stone Age man didn't, according to scientists, die from heart attacks due to high cholesterol, or other diseases caused by our predilection for junk food, fatty meats, deep fried everything, so much salt we're almost pickled in it, and sugar oozing out of every pore.

Stone Age man might not have had the highest IQ, but he sure did eat healthy... and gluten free.

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