Ssssshhhh! Canmore's Sushi Secret About to Be Shared

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Because I long ago gave up trying to eat out due to a lack of education and understanding in restaurants that were really only paying lip service to 'gluten free' for profit motives, I just accepted that not eating out sucked. The one place I had been able to eat at reasonably confidently changed their chef, and the new chef changed their menu—you guessed it... they removed the only gluten free option.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was sitting having my hair cut a few months back and seeing an advert on the mirror for Canmore's only gluten free restaurant—the Wild Orchid Bistro.

Since that happy day I've been at least twice a month to the Wild Orchid Bistro and indulged in most things on the menu, safe in the knowledge that it's 100% gluten free—almost. An advertised as 100% gluten free restaurant shouldn't offer gluten containing soy sauce as an alternative to the gluten free version. Also, their Teriyaki Bison Burger should not have a regular bun as an option. On one occasion we cut our dining short when the table next to us ordered the regular bun with their burger as I didn't want to risk any chance of contamination in their busy kitchen.

Now to the food. It's good... no, it's great. With a wide selection to chose from you can experience soup and salad cravings, tempura temptations, sushi seductions, tapas tantalizations, mains magnetism, and dessert delectations.

Each item on the menu is not only tasty and well prepared, but also spectacular to look at. The servers are knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to please. Prices are very reasonable for the work that goes into each dish.

A comment I would make is that desserts are garnished with strawberries which aren't guaranteed safe for people with ultra-sensitive gluten reactions, or in my case a wheat protein auto-immune problem. Strawberries are often grown on wheat straw and they will absorb the wheat protein. But I've never had a problem requesting 'no strawberries' after explaining to the servers why.

The restaurant itself is on the ground floor of the Silver Creek Lodge on Mountain Avenue in Canmore. It's not a well known area but if you tell people it's behind fast food alley and near Craig's Diner most locals will know where you mean—out-of-towners not so much.

One side of the restaurant has windows with spectacular mountain views, and the decor is tasteful. It also has a patio for those balmy summer Canmore evenings as long as you don't mind the odd nip from a mosquito. I suppose if I'm dining they feel it's only fair they do too... grrrrrrr!

I suspect that as word grows about the Wild Orchid Bistro they will find they have struck gold with their commitment to gluten free dining. I can't say enough good things about them, suffice it to say I do tell everyone I know about it, and some of our friends are now hooked too.

If you are in Canmore, on vacation, or heading out to the mountains for a day, then you really must try the Wild Orchid Bistro—you won't be disappointed. Reservations at weekends are recommended.

Wild Orchid Bistro
Silver Creek Lodge
1818 Mountain Ave.
Canmore AB